About this ministry

It is indeed expected of biblical Christians to, amongst others, shun compromised secular literature at whichever cost. On the other hand, I am convinced it is our portion as Christians to can curate and enjoy (with thanksgiving) literature that sympathizes with our earthly pilgrimage. Literature that not only care never to assert (be it directly or indirectly) against Christian ethics but seek to edify whenever possible.

In attempt therefore to help foster these literature type, the likeChrist Ministries wishes to contribute, through grace, to any existing library of biblical or Christian friendly short stories meant for kids. To hopefully help present Christian parents with fewer reasons to get tempted to settle for compromised or heretic kids literature – to the wounding of both the child as well as the parent.

Story writing was initially needful to theme the kids video (motion picture) literature published here. But I, at some point, reckoned there was no need to keep anyone who could enjoy any written “video theme” story for until it is animated on. But that I could make all completed theme stories available in text as well as audio versions while they await to be animated upon. Particularly because animating is comparatively time intensive and I currently suffer from want of time resource. reckoned text as well as audio versions of the same to would be appreciable to some depending on circumstances. Yes I felt it ever makes sense to have access to Gospel enriched or Christian-offense free stories for kids’ bed time. Or have audio versions of the same to play in the background as our dear kids hurry about in their rooms. 

Yes while effort would ever be made to preserve orthodoxy, I sadly wrote most of these story literature in somewhat haste. Which is why I would like to invite any financially enabled saint who find the literature to be of scale-able value to their little ones to consider helping me (in the name of ministry support) to serve full time.

The story literature the ministry seeks to offer is primarily tailored towards children, though elderly biblical Christians should as well be able to substantially relish them. Brethrens can read the likeChrist Ministries’ fuller story here.

Through out all our kids oriented sub-ministries, the following are some of the questions we seek to answer:

Some stories are pending proof reading but should still be generally fun to read/listen to.