Lizzy’s lost and found notes pencil | Forgiveness

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Story theme: A Christian friendly short story meant to reinforce the doctrine of forgiveness. While I judge it’s fairly sensible, this is one of the short stories written in rather haste.

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On one Saturday afternoon – in the ending of another Sunday school session, Wendy was sorbing. Lizzy, a little girl that was recently admitted to Sunday school, accused her of having kept her notes pencil. Lizzy sadly held onto this idea despite that she had no tangible evidence. “Accusing someone without evidence is graceless evil that dwells in lies, Lizzy dear.” Advocated Mrs Moody as she remained with her two little girl disciples in the chapel – with the others having left ahead to the bus with Mr Moody. To this, Lizzy got even more upset and, without a word, went and took a seat few pews away. And then folded her arms and remained still. “It’s alright dear, we shall try and buy young Lizzy a replacement pencil.” Mrs Moody said to Wendy after few moments of silence – resting her hand on her shoulder for to comfort her. “I shall go over to let her know we thus purposed. Mr Zuma should ready to take you lot home and we should not keep him waiting longer if we can help it.” Reckoned Mrs Moody.

About an hour later, Mrs Simpson was sweeping the walkway – anticipating the return of her twins from Sunday school when the small gate opened and in they walked.

“And there you are.” Started out Mrs Simpson. “Any doctrine you learnt today that you would like to share with mother?” She asked as she hugged both of them briefly.

“Today’s lesson was on forgiveness.” Replied George but went no further. At which moment Mrs Simpson took notice that her twins were somewhat gloomy.

“Is anything the matter, dears?” She enquired over an ernest gesture.

“Lizzy the new little girl accused Wendy of taking her notes pencil.” Replied George. “And she would not be persuated otherwise though she had no evidence to support her persuasion – Mrs Moody intervened but to no avail.” He went on.

“Was the pencil found in the end though?” Further enquired Mrs Simpson.

“Yes it was – just now on our way back with Mr Zuma.” Replied George. “She found it had slept into the inner lining of her back pack.” He added.

“And did Lizzy say this herself or someone else told you?” Asked Mrs Simpson.

“She said it herself – to Wendy and also asked that Wendy forgive her.” George replied.

“And you forgave her didn’t you, dear?” Enquired Mrs Simpson. Looking at Wendy with great solemnity.

“I was still upset and did not reply at all.” Said Wendy.

“Well you do have to forgive her and also assure her that you have.” Advised Mrs Moody. “Or else our heavenly Father will need to have nothing to do with you or your praying any longer.” She went on.

The twins turned to look at each other and then back at their mother again.

“Forgiving is indeed part of our Christian duties.” Contended Mrs Simpson.

“Yes that is what Mr Moody taught us on today.” Agreed Wendy. “If only I had Lizzy’s house telephone number.” Wished Wendy.

“Well, we could call Mrs Moody – I expect she should have all your addresses and phone numbers.” Suggested Mrs Simpson.

“Indeed, mom!” Exclaimed Wendy. “Please let’s phone her.” Replied Wendy decidedly. And into the house they went for to make those important phone calls.

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