Mendy’s first day at preschool (Fun & bedtime story)

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Story theme: While featuring little ones on it, the moral of this Christian friendly story seems to apply more on parents. It may still work well for bedtime particularly for little ones due for preschool. Otherwise this is one the short stories written in rather haste.

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It was Monday in the morning and Mendy, the only child of her Christian parents – the Jones, was literally up right and early. Well she was finally due for her first day at preschool.

Yes she was in grace to have access to a local worthy Christian oriented preschool institution – who’s facilitators were all pious members of the same Church they belonged to. Else her parents would have had to consider homeschooling her as they dreaded sending her to a secular institution. They were aware of at least two worthy Christian boarding schools but young Mendy was still way too young for this option. Nor would it be convenient for them to relocate near any sound Christian school.

And while homeschool would certainly be a best resort, they were bothered by the fun group plays their daughter would possibly miss out on. And besides, they felt skilled instructors would be far more efficient in instructing than they could be.

To try to prepare their Mendy for that big day, they amongst others had actively encouraged independence, interaction and making of friends. But very careful to confine this mingling amongst little ones from the Church. In which way they could expect next to no godless influence. They would have these little ones coming as well as letting their Mendy visit over (where there could be a Christian guardian under who’s care she would be essentially left). And some of those little ones were to start preschool the same time as Mendy.

Well their effort seemed to be indeed paying off then as Mendy was for the most part excited that morning. Greatly excited by her mother’s briefing on what fun types she was to expect.
When they were all done and ready, they set off to the pre-school’s address. And upon arriving, found the nursery teachers waiting to welcome them. With each teacher responsible for no more than ten pupils – for maximized efficient watch over. Mrs Jones was also grateful to God to find that Mendy’s designated group had three friends or acquaintances made under their promoted interactions.

When brief admin and paperwork had ended, Mrs Jones got herself ready to have her daughter by her side until she should be comfortable to go and join over. But only to soon discover that her Mendy wished to be detained no more. Greatly allured by the toys, play sets and equipment each group had to themselves.

“And you said anyone could play with whichever one of those, mum?” Mendy enquired as they stood not very far from where her group was.

“Yes you can indeed play with any toy or equipment you like as long as no one is playing with it at the time.” Replied Mrs Jones.

“Well I would like to go over and play with some of them too.” Said Mendy greatly excited.

“I see several ones that are not being used.” She went on.

“And you are sure you would like to do so?” Asked Mrs Jones.

“Yes I am, mom”. Assured Mendy decidedly.

“Ok, do be on your way” . Permitted Mrs Jones.

And off Mendy went. Mrs Jones however thought she might continue to wait around and observe to see how her daughter got on. Who indeed seemed to get on very well. But perhaps more so because she could see that the car had not left the premises. Mrs Johnson therefore reckoned they might pull off and observe if there should be any notable changes. And accordingly headed back to the car.

Once she was settled, she waited for Mendy, who was at the time swinging together with two other little ones at, to glance their direction and immediately raised her hand to wave goodbye. Mendy waved back and remained somewhat still – briefly watched the car drive off and then went straight back to swinging. For a moment indeed, the reality of being left behind seemed to strike – but how quickly she went back to swinging seemed to say, I have seen mom and dad drive away from me a number of times – and always came back later. I should just have fun while they remain away.

Yes their effort had certainly paid off. And the saintly teachers, under whose care she then was, could well be hoped upon for maximum care giving possible. And a phone call whenever anything beyond their power should arise.

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Some stories are pending proof reading but should still be generally fun to read/listen to.