The Milk Truck That Broke Down

Story theme: A simple Christian friendly kids short story ideal for fun reading or bedtime. The story should also help revise/introduce what various basic vehicles function are to little ones. Story may not name the name of the Lord but does pack a lot of polite language – a practice that is consistent with Christian holiness. Another one of the stories I wrote is rather haste.

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Mr Johnson was returning from making his last milk delivery when he suddenly head a sound of grinding gears followed by a few metal thumps from the truck’s engine which then after stalled. He tried to restart it out but the gears ground again as he sought to shift. Mr Johnson then understood that his truck had broken down and would need towing.

“It’s alright”. He thought to himself. “I shall simply ask for assistance from other motorists”. He resolved.

Presently, along came a cement mixer truck – to which Mr Johnson courageously approached over.

“Ahoy there, Mr.” He started out.

“Would you care to tow my broken truck to the nearest mechanic?” He pleaded.

“O I am very sorry, dear Sir.” Replied the cement mixer driver after thinking the request over. “My job is exclusively to make and keep ready cement concrete or mortar largely for construction sites. In fact I am on my way to one over at the city’s outskirts as we speak. “O I see.” Perceived Mr Johnson. And off went the cement mixer.

And shortly after came along a fire truck with strobing lights and sounding a siren. “You wouldn’t care to assist with a tow to the nearest mechanic, would you?” Mr Johnson yeld after drawing near. “O my apologies good Sir”. Regretted the fireman driver after thinking the request over likewise. “My Job is especially to respond to emergency fires and rescues and ever standby when there is neither.” Explained the fireman. “I am in fact responding to one bushfire as we speak.” He added.

“O I see”. Perceived Mr Johnson. And off on went the firetruck.

It was a good thing Mr Johnson was done with his deliveries. Else he would certainly have to keep some of his milk customers waiting.

“O here comes another vehicle”. Mr Johnson remarked as he saw a taxi approaching. “You care to help with a tow to the nearest auto repairs center, Mr Good Sir?” Mr Johnson started out after approaching over. “Towing you said?” The taxi driver sought clarity. “Yes please, Sir.” Said Mr Johnson. “O you will please pardon me, Sir.” Regretted the taxi driver. My job is solely to transport passengers between locations.” I in fact have one passenger I am taking to the supermarket.” He added. “O I understand”. Replied Mr Johnson. More so as he took notice of the elderly lady passenger occupying one of the rear seats. And off the taxi went.

And along came a backhoe loader. “Hail Mr!” Greeted Mr Johnson after approaching closer. “Could you be kind enough and tow my broken milk truck to the nearest auto mechanic?” He Pleaded. “Assistance with towing you said, Sir” The backhoe loader operator enquired. “Indeed Sir”. Mr Johnson confirmed. “O I will have to apologize, dear Sir. My job is especially digging and earth moving at small construction projects as well as assisting with urban engineering”. “In fact I am off to one small construction site over at the outskirts of the city. “Makes sense dear Sir.” Perceived Mr Johnson. And off the loader backhoe went. Mr Johnson was getting discouraged but thought he might keep watch and try on.

Again an ambulance with strobing lights and a siren came along. “Here is another emergency looking vehicle I may try.” Mr Johnson thought to himself and approached over at once. “Ahoy there.” Said Mr Johnson with his hand raised. “You would not consider helping with a tow to the local motor mechanic?” He Pleaded. “Or is it not your area of speciality like the great many other motorist I tried had to say?” He further asked before before he received a reply – seeing the Amulance driver’s sudden regretful gesture. “And it isn’t my area of speciality either indeed.” Replied Ambulance driver. “I am only good responding to emergency cases of human injuries and other physical unwellness. All other times, I need to be standing by and available for such call outs.” The Ambulance driver concluded. “That makes sense Sir.” Admitted Mr Johnson.

Together with the whole a police car came trodding along. “Please tell me you can assist with towing my broken truck to the local mechanic. I have already gone through several vehicles and non could help particularly because it was not their job speciality”. He explained. “I regret to say that I unable to assist with towing either, dear Sir. But I can assist with getting you a mechanic who could come to you or tow your van to an auto shop.” The policeman added. “Because as well as being chargeable for the community’s law and order, it is my duty to assist stranded civilians like you.” The Policeman concluded.

“Oh that is comforting to hear and know.” Said Mr Johnson gratefully. And presently the police car left to soon after return with old Mr Jimmy’s tow truck. Who then towed Mr Johnson down to his repair shop. To then have a skilled look at his grinding gears case.

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Some stories are pending proof reading but should still be generally fun to read/listen to.