Mr Campbell’s Traffic Offense Warning

Story theme: Another simple Christian friendly short story ideal for bedtime as well as simple fun reading. Based on this one traffic rule this story, like a few others, does not name much of the name of the LORD but is careful to complement Christian righteousness. Again another story written in somewhat haste. The LORD have mercy through Christ.

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On one pretty dark evening, Mr Campbell was driving home up the M3 road with his red truck’s headlights set to high beam and pointing ahead. The potatoes harvest had kept him at his farm a little longer than usual.

Not very far ahead was Mr Finney who was coming down the same road in his bread delivery van. It was almost time to have his bread dough set to rise. Hence he kept his eyes well on the road as well as hands well on wheel as his van vroomed down. Suddenly, he spotted Mr Campbell’s truck lights at distance.

“O here is someone driving late with me today”.

He thought to himself. Remembering how lonely the road gets some nights.

“But alas!” Exclaimed Mr Finney suddenly as they drew nearer to each other.

“His headlights are set to bright and not dipped at all. And that cannot be good.” Mr Finney added.

Yes Mr Campbell was not suspecting his traffic rule omission in the least. As they further drew nearer to each other, Mr Finney wished he could hooter at Mr Campbell but feared he’ld get him too frightened to perhaps the point of loosing control. He then thought he might try and safely pull over instead. After a quick glance at his rear view mirror, he accordinly applied the brakes which gradually brought the van to halt. Shortly after which maneuver, Mr Campbell’s truck whooshed by. Mr Finney thought that for the safety of other motorists, he might call and report Mr Campbell’s omission to the traffic control officers. Who gladly promised a pursuit.

“It is OK Mr White van, we are now on the case and you can drive on”.

A megaphone voice sounded from a police car that was driving past Mr. Finney’s van heading after Mr Campbell’s truck. Who was sadlly still unsuspecting of his omission when he noticed police strobe lights on his rear view mirror followed by a brief sirene.

“Mr Red truck”.

Mr Campbell heard a voice coming from a megaphone.

“Please pull over”.

The voice ordered. Mr Campbell knew it had to be his red truck as there was no other car except for the van he drove past some 3 minutes ago. He slowed down and eventually pulled over.

“A fellow motorist called and reported that you are driving with your headlights set to bright and not dipped.”

Said the officer who had pulled over behind Mr Campbell’s Truck and then walked over.

“You know you are not allowed to thus do lest you should dazzle other drivers.”

The officer reminded.

“Oh officer, I honestly was not aware that they were not dipped.” Replied Mr Campbell remorsefully.

“Well, it shall be a warning to you, dear Sir.”

The officer warned sternly.

“We do need to keep in mind the road safety rules if we are to try and keep at bay accidents resulting from neglect.”

The officer maintained.

“I fully agree officer. I shall make it my duty to revise and keep these rules in memory.”

Promised Mr Finney as he dipped his headlights.

“Very well then and good night, Sir”.

The officer said – on which note he returned to his car, got in and drove off. After a deep breath, Mr Cambel drove off as well. He was more troubled by the danger he had put a fellow road user on. But very glad that no evil was conceived therefrom.

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Some stories are pending proof reading but should still be generally fun to read/listen to.