Peter’s Toy Truck

Story description: A Christian friendly short story based on righteous living – which is through shunning from sin. This particular story themes particularly on the sin of covetousness as well as failure to show kindness. So it is more applicable to kids, the story events had to unfold between Sunday school little ones. Otherwise this must have been the earliest animation theme story written and little effort may have been put to maximize coherency but I reckon it is in very deed still Christian friendly and far better than the poison the world has to offer.

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It was Saturday in the afternoon. And Peter, Martin’s best friend, who had come over to play was just picked up by his mother.

“See you tomorrow at Sunday school, God willing”. Yield Martin as the car drove off. Martin often have lots of fun playing with his friend Peter. Neither do either seem to regret that they have each other for a best friends.

As he returned from the gate, Martin thought he might spend some little time on the swing located by the right hand side of the house and accordingly headed thereto. But as he swung, he recalled that it was almost dinner time. He then got off the swing and went further around the house over to the back door leading to the kitchen. Getting there found that dinner was indeed already served and his 3 year old sister was already seated and eating. Martin accordingly took a seat by his sister, gave thanks as per his Sunday school teachings of prayer and then started enjoying his dinner. When he was almost done, he spotted something behind the opened door leading to corridor that he thought he recognized. Knowing that it was not permissible to leave the table between meals for no valid course, he held back and continued eating. But he sought to try and be as fast finishing as he reasonably could. Once he was done, he sled off the chair and headed over to the door.

It was his friend Peter’s wooden tow truck. One of the few favorite toys he had brought with him earlier and must have forgotten it. Martin enjoyed playing with the same truck as well. In fact he loved playing with it so much that he even wished he owned one like it. But his father had so far only promised to get him one.

Martin thought he might take the truck over to his room for some more towing game-play. “It’s alright – Peter should receive it back when he comes over again next week”. Martin thought to himself as he started playing with it. Greatly excited that he should have the truck to himself for the whole week. “I should let mom know that Peter forgot his truck”. Peter further thought to himself. “Yes then she would call and let Peter’s mom know the truck was forgotten back here”. He went on. “No perhaps I should not”. Martin said out loud. He suddenly feared that if his mom should phone Peter’s mom, then they might suggest that he brings it along to Sunday school. And thus shorten up the truck’s stay.

On that note he thought to rest the matter and got on with the towing business. Presently a thought stroke him. “Peter will more than likely miss his truck.” Martin further thought out loud. “And I expect he should be more grateful to have it brought along to Sunday school for him. And that he should be more grateful to know as soon as possible that it was left here. The truck is not mine but Peter’s. Laboring to keep it by me longer than necessary will be nothing short of covetousness. I should certainly let my mom know and also beseech her to phone Peter’s mom to inform her about the truck. On which resolution, Martin took to his feet and immediately there was a knock on the door. “Are you there dear”? It was his mother. “Yes I am mom”. Martin replied and went over to open the door.

“I was about to come looking for you, mom”. He added. “O I see dear – and Peter’s mom called asking if Peter had not forgotten his tow truck back here”. Informed his mom. “Yes he did and that is exactly what I thought would come and tell you of.” Peter said and then reached for the truck from the floor. “Here it is”. Martin presented. “No it is alright – you can keep it by you”. She replied. “I shall call her back and advise that you should hopefully bring it with you to Sunday school tomorrow”. She added. “OK mom”. Agreed Martin. On which note his mom left. Martin went and set on his bed, placed the truck by him and fixed his on the adjacent wall. He was grateful to God for how all turned out. Understanding that unless there truck is willfully lent to him, that he has no portion on it lest he should fall into sin. And that he instead had better plead with God for grace to avail his own truck. On which note he thought he might kneel down and implore God’s mercies for the same.

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Some stories are pending proof reading but should still be generally fun to read/listen to.