The lost and found cellphone

Story theme: Another story written for the purpose of being later animated upon. One of the theme stories under the once purpose series tittle ‘The Hamlet’. Fun and Christian moral rich short story on how to treat lost items (precisely catered for on Deuteronomy 22:3). Likely one of the short stories written in my haste. And hence may have minor blemishes here and there.

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It is Tuesday in the afternoon. Wendy and George have just gotten off the school bus at the station not far from home. Thanks to their mother’s efforts, it is unlike them to linger around after hopping off the bus. They know making it for home soonest is the best demanded of them – be it from Sunday school or elementary school. “For after drop off.” Their mother would say. “no elder can be accountable for you still.” Neither your teachers nor Mr Xuma the bus driver”. They then will often trod the sidewalk at a steady pace side by side over a conversation or in silence that is punctuated by foot steps.

“Could that be what I think it is, George?” Wondered Wendy breaking the silence that ensued at the bus stop. “What is it, Wendy?” enquired George in moderate curiosity – throwing around his eyes in hope to both spot and perhaps identify his sister’s wonder. “That red and black looking item way over there ” replied Wendy – pointing as she does. “Oh I see it.” Exclaimed George stepping-up thereto. “It is a cellphone, Wendy” George added as soon as he could best tell. “Is it?” Enquired Wendy. “Yes it.” Confirmed George as he picked it up.

“And it still works” Wendy remarked excitendly as caught up with her brother who was then just standing. “Yes it is still in working order” George asserted.

It was a candy bar shaped feature phone in seemingly mint condition. A condition that suggested that the owner may have lost it rather than discarded. “Mom will now be able to call and check on us from it.” Reckoned Wendy as she and his brother continued home. “Indeed.” Agreed George. “And perhaps there will be a game like the one on her phone that we can play during our free time.” Geroge addded. The twins continued dreaming thus over the phone and soon got home.

“Mommy, mommy” Called out Wendy as she walked through the opened kitchen door. “Do you want to know what we found laying on the ground on our way home.” She asked over a smile. “What did find laying on the ground on your way home”? Asked their mother showing playful & exaggerated interest. “A good looking phone that works, mom.” Interjected George in excitement. Pulling it out from his pocket and placing it on the kitchen table. “You will now be able to call and check on us whenever necessary, mom.” Reckoned Wendy. “I and George can take turns holding it when we go out”Or George can keep it with him it is, ohk.”

“Hold on just a moment, dear.” Mrs Simpson interjected her daughter who was thinking out loud. “While it is not expected of Christians to go around looking for the owners of items they may find lost. There are basic godly charitable means demanded of us over missing items we find lest we should seem covetous.” Mrs Simpson went on – putting the phone on her charger after realizing it was low on battery and had few missed calls. It is demanded of us to make basic means to help the owners recover the missing items we may find. In our particular case, the owner of the phone might call to find out if any has found it – from whom they could then hopefully recovery it. It is then ours to ensure that the phone remains online and that we are at hand to answer calls that comes through. The owner is expected to either call to claim the phone or have the line that is active on it terminated depending on their circumstances. We will of cause have to look at what could be done with the phone should we not hear from them the rest of today or tomorrow.” Mrs Simpson explained. “Oh OK mom.” Perceived Gearge. “We can certainly wait to thus see if the owner of phone comes through.  He added and his nodded in agreement. “Very well then dears.” Said Mrs Simpson. “You can take your school ags to your rooms and then after we can have lunch.

Just before the twins could say a word, the phone rang – and Mrs Simpson accordingly picked it up. It was the owner – an aged lady who was travelling. She last had the phone on a neck strap which must have broken and let the phone loosse. She was only relieved that she would not keep thinking she needed to search a little harder amongst her luggage. She did not think coming back for it was wise – but rather to replace. Advising that Mrs Simpson could dispose of it the best she could. She was above all thankful that the phonee had fallen upon kind hands. Who cared to hear the owner first out. When they were done speaking, Mrs Simpson advised her children on how she thought it not wise to keep the phone. But that they would take it to a pawn shop and use its proceeds on victuals. “As for being able to check on you.” She said to them. “I shall either contact your teachers during elementary school hours, Mr Xuma afterschool or the Moody’s during Sunday school class.” She went on. “After all, men can only do so much. But ultimate safety of men is of the Lord.” She concluded.

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Some stories are pending proof reading but should still be generally fun to read/listen to.