Angela’s evident Baptism in the Holy Spirit of God

Story theme: The short story seeks to emphasize the importance of the baptism of the Holy Spirit of God for every believer’s earthly pilgrimage. That without this blessing, our Christianity will essentially be empty as it is by the same that we are empowered for every avenue of Christian walking on earth. And that Sunday school kids are not exceptions (particularly those that are at anytime truly converted).

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Often times in the beginning or ending of each Sunday school class, Mr Moody will give thanks in prayer by himself or he will ask Mrs Moody to do so. But seldomly, he will invite one child from his congregation to give thanks on behalf of all. “We have now come to the end of our Sunday school meeting.” He started in the end of another solemn Sunday school meeting one day. “My dear Angela, you will please thank God on behalf of all of us for the wonderful fellowship we’ve had today”. He added. Angela was a relatively new convert, who had only been to the Sunday school meetings thrice. Presently all children closed their eyes and bowed their heads. And Angela took to her feet after closing her own eyes. “We thank you God for the wonderful Sunday school meeting”. She started out. “We really thank you – Amen.” She concluded.

And everyone else said amen and Sunday school was out. Mrs Moody then ushered the kids back to the bus.

On their way home, Wendy could not help it but think there was something somewhat odd about his sister Angela’s prayer.
“The young girl who recently joined our Sunday School was asked to give thanks after Sunday school today”. Wendy started out once she got home and was settled with her mom. “Oh she was?” Inquired Mrs Simpson. “Yes she was”. Affirmed Wendy. “But I thought something was missing from her praying.” Wendy went on. “Well I wondered how she was getting on myself as well but I reckon the Moody’s can best tell of any progress she may have made thus far.” Commented Mrs Simpson. “You must be right mom.” Perceived Wendy. “I will try to hear Mrs Moody out next week.” Wendy purposed.

Days went by and soon again, the kids were due for  Sunday school class. On her way there, Wendy thought she might speak to Mrs Moody just before class. As usual, Mrs Moody was standing at the Chapel gate to receive the kids once they got off the bus. Once off, Wendy went straight over to her. “Morning Mrs Moody”. Greeted Wendy smiling. “Morning dear and how are you?” Replied Mrs Moody. Who when she had perceived that Wendy seemed to have a matter, stopped short of the Chapel entrance and signalled to the other kids to enter in. “And you have a matter you would like me to hear out don’t you?” Mrs Moody started out when all other children had gone into the Chapel. “Yes Ma’am.” Affirmed Wendy. You remember Mr Moody asked Angela to give closing thanks last week?” She went on. “Yes I do.” Affirmed Mrs Moody. “Well I thought her praying was different.” Wendy continued. “I wondered if it was because she was only a new convert.” She admitted. “Yes her praying seemed to leave a lot to be desired”. And in fact Mr Moody asked her to close in prayer purposefully.” She went on. “So to hopefully determine the progress she may have made thus far in her spiritual growth following her evident salvation. What else you can do to help could be to partner with her during the Bible reading session – then you could hopefully share with me the overall experience after class.” She concluded. “OK Ma’am.” Subscribed Wendy. I shall try to do so.” She promised. “Very well then, we will hopefully speak again then.” Concluded Mrs Moody. On which note they both proceeded into the Chapel.

Presently Mr Moody started out by prayer. When he had said his amen, took a Bible passage and began to expound it to the young congregation. He continued for sometime and when he was through, pronounced that it was Bible study time. The purpose of which was to find out the general scriptural conception of as many children as he would get through per session. Wendy accordingly hastened over to where Angela was seated. And told her she was going to partner with her for the session. Angela was very pleased to have Wendy partnering with her. Mr Moody had suggested they go through the fourteenth chapter of the book of John. When over half an hour had gone by, Mr Moody called every child’s attention to himself and then expounded the same chapter to them. Two more Sunday School sessions followed and after he pronounced benedictions and again closed in prayer. After which Wendy went over to where Mrs Moody was seated and took a seat by her. “Hello again, dear.” Mrs Moody started out. “Hello Mrs Moody.” Replied Wendy. “What were you able to observe as you studied the Bible with your sister Angela?” Asked Mrs Moody. “Well she showed good interest as we started out but the same interest seemed to die out about halfway the chapter.” Wendy started out. “She also did not seem to have proper conception of scriptures.” She went on. “And toward the end of the chapter, she literally yawned.” Wendy concluded over a smile. “Well thank you for the feedback, Wendy. I will try to pass these observations onto Mr Moody.” Committed Mrs Moody. “OK Ma’am.” Replied Wendy. “And I had better be off to the bus – lest I should keep Mr Xuma waiting.” She added. “Do run along, dear. Much should follow next week God willing.” Concluded Mrs Moody and then Wendy was off.

Later that day, Wendy and her mom were getting on with Kitchen chores when Mrs Simpson’s phone rang. It was Mrs Moody who wished to speak to Wendy. “Good evening Mrs Moody.” Started out Wendy when her mother had handed over the phone. “Evening, dear.” Replied Mrs Moody. “As promised, I passed your observations from this morning to Mr Moody. Whom after aggregating all concluded that while he is still convinced that your sister Angela’s conversion was genuine, he reckons that she had yet to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit of God. Who gives both utterance in prayer and interpretation of scriptures amongst several other graces.” She went on. “Mr Moody has also committed to take the matter before the throne of God and asked that if we can, we could join hands with him in prayer for the same.” She concluded. “I understand Ma’am” Perceived Wendy. “And I also pledge in to trying to petition God about the same blessing.” Committed Wendy. “Very well and goodbye dear.” Concluded Mrs Moody.

Once again days went by and another Sunday school class fell due.
“Do we have any volunteer who would like to open for us in prayer this morning?” Asked Mr Moody as he stood in front of his youthful congregation. Several children raised their hands. Amongst which was young Angela to Mr Moody’s comfort.

“Dear Angela can sanctify today’s meeting on behalf of all of us.” Informed Mr Moody.

When everyone else had bowed their heads, Angela took to her feet, bowed her head and closed her eyes. “We thank you dear God for yet another meeting made possible.” Angela started out. “A meeting where children who have committed to submit under your ways come together to learn more about you.” She continued. “Do please be pleased to lead for your name’s sake. Praying all in Jesus’ name, Amen.” She concluded.

Yes she seemed to have lots of prayer utterance all of a sudden. And when the Bible study time came around, she sought out for and found Wendy. And she seemed to relish scriptures just fine and had a more hopeful conception thereof. And the more Sundays school days came around, the more Wendy and her instructors got satisfied that the Lord certainly heard their prayer of agreement that day.

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