Marvin’s Conviction and possible Salvation

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Story theme: A short story on the doctrine of salvation. A simple attempt to show how the testimony of Sunday school folks can be no exception for the LORD’s blessing of conviction that may lead to salvation (or acceptance of the saving Lord). Careful not to suggest that it simple to tell if someone have come to true repentance the same day they were affected – that it is necessary to witness the fruits thereof first.

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One afternoon, Mrs Simpson and her twins were retired at the living room watching a video of the twins’ childhood – recorded and compiled by Mr Simpson over the years. Suddenly Mrs Simpson’s cellphone rang. It was her younger sister who lived not many blocks away with her husband and their 10 year old son, Marvin. Whom she wondered if Mrs Simpson could look after for the night as it had just become that she needed to rush to the hospital where her ill husband was recently admitted and did not wish to take him with her there. While Mrs Simpson felt it was clearly demanded of her to concert, she did not at all feel proud about being able to thus assist. In spite of her earnest love for her sister’s boy, she never judged it best to let him closely mingle with her George. The sole reason being that neither was her sister in the Christian faith yet  nor was her boy a member of the Sunday school in the least.

Marvin was to be collected the following day in the afternoon but Mrs Simpson felt threatened enough. She knew it only took a second to deny the Lord be it in did or omission and reckoned it not fit to knowingly let her son into a possibly injurious setup such as letting him closely mingle with a non believer. When they were done speaking. Mrs Simpson informed her twins about Marvin’s planned visit as sought hard to know how George felt about the matter  as he was the one who would typically have to spend more time with the young Marvin. Yes the twins were well aware of the spiritual dangers surrounding their mother’s concern.

“You are welcome to choose against even so much as sharing your room for the night if you prefer”. Mrs Simpson went on.

“No it is fine, mom.” Replied George. “We can share the same room as well as play together in between.” Committed George. “We are amongst other lessons, taught at Sunday that it is our duty as Christians to let our lights shine in darkness.” He went on.

“Also how we are to let those who are unbelieving still to know about our eternal hope where possible. I shall labor to let him know so far as possible where I stand as often as need should be.” George further committed quite cheerfully.

Mrs Simpson suddenly felt more relieved to hear about her son’s virtuous resolution. And of cause it was not that Marvin was somehow known to be a notoriously vile child. But Mrs Simpson’s concern was sensitive even down to typical careless of men in word or in did. For she knew that neither folly goes unnoticed by him whose eyes roam throughout the whole earth.

About four hours later, Marvin stood outside the front door with his mother. When they were let in, Marvin’s mother maintained that she could not stay long and certainly left as soon as she had briefed her sister concerning her husband’s illness.

“And how are you doing above all, Marvin?” Asked Mrs Simpson over a smile – a lot calmer and in earnest as they remained seated after her sister’s departure.

“I am fine thanks Mrs Simpson”. Replied Marvin smiling back.

“I am really glad to hear that”. Admitted Mrs Simpson. “Would you like to have something to eat perhaps?” She inquired over a continued smile.

“No not at all, Mrs Simpson.” Replied Marvin decidedly. “We had dinner just before we came over.” He explained. “Oh I see.” Perceived Mrs Simpson. “George will show you where you two are going to spend the night.” She advised. And presently George took to his feet to signal his readiness and they were off.

“I am retiring to my room as well, mom.” Informed Wendy taking to her feet. “Its okay I should retire soon myself.” She replied. When she was left seated alone, she thought she might send a few words of prayer heavenward. That the Lord would for the glory of his own name uphold her little boy.

“Oh, you have a computer in your room?”. Marveled Marvin as he walked into George’s bedroom. “I can only use ours at our living room.” He Contrasted. “Well we received them through our Church.” Accounted George. “This one non-profit Christian organization had just replaced them as obsolete equipment, mom said.” He added. “Oh I see.” Perceived Marvin. “What kind of games do you have on it?” Wondered Marvin. “Myself I have racing, street fighting, military and several simulation games on ours”. He boasted. “We on the other hand can only keep and play a certain kind of games as Christian believers.” George replied. “This is because there are several game themes that tend to assert against biblical ethics. And as a result potentially abominable to God whom men are to labor to please at all times.” George explained further. “I have a handful of brain games such as memory and puzzles and I also have two different car driving simulators. I cannot keep or play most of the game types you have”. He went on. “Oh I See” Replied Marvin. “It’s okay we can play whichever ones you have on there.” Settled Marvin. The two youngsters presently began taking turns on one of the car driving simulators game until intercepted by Mrs Simpson who thought it was way past bedtime. At which note they both retired.

The following morning after breakfast, Marvin was ready for some more game play. “What outdoor game can we play, George?” He asked as they walked out of the front door. “We could play some ball if you prefer.” Offered George. “Ball you say?” Marvin thought to himself out loud. “Okay we can play ball.” He asserted. And indeed the ball game was on once they had collected the ball from the garden shed.

“You got to see how your brothers are getting on out there, Wendy?” Asked Mrs Simpson as she and her daughter got on with kitchen chores and lunch preparation.

“They seemed to be getting on just fine the last time I saw them.” Wendy replied. “And George seemed to be calm and having much fun.” She went on.

“That is good to hear.” Remarked Mrs Simpson. “Extended mingle with those who are not under the Christian faith is never best except when it is for the purpose of evangelizing them.” Mrs Simpson went on. “Just like you always say, mum.” Recalled Wendy. “Yes and it is the truth.” Maintained Mrs Simpson. “Two has to be in agreement in their assertions to be able to walk together.” She continued. “And whenever two views exist, one needs to persuade the other or else they must part ways”. She concluded.

“I am a little tired now, George.” Started out Marvin after about an hour of ball playing. “Can we watch some TV instead?” He asked. “Channel 5 has some great action but channel 13 is big in comedies.” He remarked.

“Unfortunately, we watch neither satellite TV no public channels here at home, Marvin.” George replied. “The reason once again being that assertions on TV plays and programs  are generally contrary to conduct expected of God as outlined on the Bible. And hence proving to be more harmful than the little good it may do man.” George explained.

Marvin stood in silence looking at George as though looking through him.

“You have mentioned God in almost all things” Started out Marvin. It’s as though he is the end of every thing you do – your life even. That is not how it is suppose to be or is it?” Marvin sought for clarity. “I mean are we not suppose to do what makes us most happy?” He wondered.

“God is indeed to be the end of all that we do. Our lives even.” Replied George.

“I have heard a little about God at school but I never got to make much sense of the subject and I guess I was never really interested.” Informed Marvin. “But I would gladly hear you out if you could tell me more on why it is important to know more about God. I mean some of the things you say he disapproves feels fun to do and I do not see anything wrong with them.” He added “Yes it is true that some of them feels clearly wrong.” He admitted.

“Together with other things, God created men primarily to obey and walk in honor of him.” Started out George. “This meaning that men were to keep in mind and observe all directives of God.” He went on. “But men disobeyed and were in enmity with God. After which men were given over to wicked affections and appetite. This is why some sins may still feel fun to do.”

George went on to explain in great carefulness. He further told his brother of how the entering in of sin occasioned the need for a Savior because God was interested in restoring man to his original estate. Which then led him to telling of Christ, the cross and the blood. How Christ was the only passage back to God’s courts. He also told Marvin of the gift of God to all that should embrace salvation through Christ – heaven even. And likewise about the dreadful hell which is to be the portion of them that should disregard the saving grace of God that is through Christ and continue still in their sinful ways.

“So what you are saying is that by repenting and  accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior I should avail forgiveness of my past sins and acceptances in the beloved of God?” Inquired Marvin in great earnestness.

“Yes that is correct, Marvin”. Affirmed George.

“Well I am sure I would like to repent and accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior if you would care to guide me.

“I understand and perhaps it is best that we retire to the room.” George suggested. “Then you would there tell God all about your resolution to submit under him from now onward.” He added.

“Okay yes we can go to your room.” Concerted Marvin – dropping the ball he had held dearly all along and led the way.

Walking past the then vacant kitchen, into the corridor and crossed over to George’s room in solemn silence. Arriving there, George  took to his knees by his bed and Marvin joined on. “You are to acknowledge all your past sins to God.” George started out. “Assure him that you are sorry for each one of them and that you would like him to wash them all off with the blood of his Lamb Jesus Christ – whom you are now accepting as your personal Lord and Savior.” George further explained.

On that note, Marvin closed his eyes and then tried to pray as close to his brother’s guidelines as he possibly could. George prayed along side as well – seeking that God should remember how he promised not to turn away them that comes to him. Asking that if his brother’s repentance shall be in sincerity, that he would in His mercies receive him as promised. When Marvin had ceased, George said his amen and then they opened their eyes. Presently there was a knock on the door.

“Coming.” George invited.

It was his twin sister Wendy, who was startled in heart to find his brothers on their knees.

“Marvin’s mom is here.” She reported.

“Oh – already?” Marveled George.

He had began to relish his brother stay.

“Please let her know that we should be coming soon.” Pleaded George.

“Okay I will try and let her know that.” Promised Wendy as she headed out. She was indeed at great wonder but thought it best to not intermeddle.

“We have Sunday school tomorrow.” George started out shortly after the door closed behind his sister. “We could pick you up on Mr Zuma’s bus, on our way there.” He went on. “Do not worry he is a great Christian man.” Promised George. “You would then there meet other wonderful kids who have surrendered their lives under the same God through the same Christ and also get to grow in the knowledge of God and his Christ.” He went further.

“Yes I believe my mom won’t have a problem.” Subscribed Marvin.

“I am glad to hear that.” Remarked George. “Until then, you can read this.” Said George reaching for his Bible. “It’s mine but I can borrow it to you until we get to Sunday school, where you shall be given your own.” George concluded, stood up and sat on the bed. “Understood.” Acknowledged Marvin taking to his feet as well. After placing the Bible inside the backpack he brought, they went out – and found Marvin’s mother already on her feet and ready to leave. Marvin headed over and took her hand. And when they had bid each other goodbye, they left.

“I found you both on your knees.” Started out Wendy. “Were you playing Sunday School for some reasons, George?” She inquired.

“No we were not playing that time.” Replied George. “Marvin wished to accept the Lord so we retired to my room”. He went on. “And we had just finished praying when you came in.” Informed George.

“And just how did all that come about, dear?” Inquired Mrs Simpson, greatly interested.

George accordingly related all with great cheerfulness. And when he had concluded, Mrs Simpson suggested that they might bow down and thank God for hope and to ask that if he was indeed the one who began the work in the heart of the young Marvin. That he might be pleased to uphold him in his mercies. Which prayer they accordingly sent jointly and when done, said their amens in Christ Jesus’ name.

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