Story theme: Largely a fun and play short story that should be great for both bedtime as well as simple fun reading. Not much of the name of the LORD is named but care was certainly taken to foster the Christian friendly quality. The story is about a seven year old little one that heartily wished to find employment for his hand-drawn wagon. This is perhaps the one story I have spent a little more time ascertaining coherency.

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It was Saturday in the morning. And 7 year old Billy had just had breakfast and was then trying to think of what he could do for fun. It was never that hard to find out something to do back at home but that weekend, he had gone over to his saintly grandparents for a weekend stay-over. After some deep thinking, he remember a wagon that his grandfather bought him on his last visit that he never got to take home. He thought he might draw it out to see if he could find something to collect and carry around in the yard. When he had fetched it from the Garage, he set out. Actively throwing his eyes about as he pulled it behind him. There were not much stones to collect with his grandparents’ yard being overly grassy. Perhaps he could collect sticks if he checked under the trees on the other side of the house. He thought to himself.

Getting there he found his grandfather who was gathering up some leaves off the lawn.

“I am looking for some sticks to collect and carry on my wagon, grandfather” he said pointing at his wagon which had some two sling-sized stones on it.

“Hmmm – not too many sticks falls off these trees sadly. And the few that falls, I collect to the vegetable garden for compost.” Replied his grandfather.

“I see.” Perceived Billy. “But tell you what, I need to gather all these leaves into refuse bags and then get them over to the gate for the waste truck to carry away. Would you like to transport each bagful over to the gate for me?” Inquired his grandfather.

“Yes that sounds fun, grandpa” Subscribed Billy with excitement.

“Very well then, let me get you the first bag ready.” Said Billy’s grandfather – who presently loaded a pile of leaves into a bag, tied it closed and loaded it onto his grandson’s wagon.

“I should be back not long grandpa” hoped Billy as he cheerfully drew his first formal load off.

Upon arriving, he took the bag off the wagon and leaned it against the gate. Careful not to take it beyond the gate without supervision. And then he pulled his Wagon back to his grandfather who had already gotten the second bag ready. And presently loaded it onto the wagon.

“Here I go again, grandfather” informed Billy over a smile as he dragged his second load away and soon after returned with an emptied wagon.

“Well done Mr. Billy” Congratulated his grandfather. “And here is your last load” He added as he loaded the third bagful onto his grandson’s wagon.

“Ok grandpa” replied Billy as he pulled off. He could not help it but wish there were a few more bagfuls to drag around. Though he had yet to get to the gate to make his last delivery, Billy already felt like he had nothing to employ his wagon on again. He soon got to the gate, off loaded and then headed back to his grandfather.

“I wish I had few more wagon deliveries to make, grandpa” Stated Billy as he approached his grandfather who was leaning against a rake.

“O but there may just be, Billy” replied his grandfather.

“There might?” Inquired Billy excitedly. “What could that be, grandpa? Please tell me” He added – greatly interested.

“Well following the leaves clearing, I am due for a minor harvest at the backyard vegetables garden”. Explained his grandfather.

“Which if you would, you could deliver all the harvested vegetables to your grandmother over at the kitchen. “Yes that sounds as much fun, grandpa. I would be happy to deliver all your vegetable harvest to grandma” Billy replied.

“Well then what could we be waiting for?” Inquired his grandfather leaning the rake against a tree trunk – visibly excited. Billy, smiling and without a word, drew off his wagon heading to the backyard in reciprocal excitement.

Grandfather’s garden had a handful of ripe tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, pumpkins and butternut to name a few. After gathering the necessary garden tools, Billy’s grandfather started out with the harvest – and loaded up Billy’s wagon as he did. Careful to keep each load lite enough for his ruddy grandson to draw without strain. And Billy delightfully drew each load to the kitchen’s door step – where his grandmother met him with a basket to receive the vegetables each time. When the harvest had ended, Billy cheerfully drew the wagon to the lawn and gave it a good hose wash. When it was looking free of all garden dirt, let it alone to dry – later to draw back to the garage. Greatly satisfied and thankful to God for the funful delivery trips he and the wagon have seen.