The milk issue

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Story theme: Another short story specially drafted for the purpose of animation. Two little Sunday school girls reflecting on the need to pray about our needs. While doctrine rich, the structure thereof must break many short story writing rules 🙂 Another write up done in rather haste if I reckon right.

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It is Sunday in the morning and Wendy and her twin brother George are seated around the kitchen table having breakfast just before they should have to leave for Sunday school.

“Blessed be the Lord God for a nutritious breakfast”. Echoed Wendy in gratitude after seeping up the last measure of milk that was in her tumbler.

“Amen to that darling”. Agreed her mother who was clearing up the sink. “Though we may sadly not have milk for the week ahead” She added.

“We may not?” Inquired Wendy and her brother simultaneously with a rather discouraged tone. They had long learned how milk was needful for their healthy development and had ever since cherished it amongst other good foods.

“Why is that, mom?” Inquired Wendy. “Well Brother Samson who had so long pledged for our weekly milk supply was taken ill a few days ago and hence may not be able to process the funds as he had done hitherto.” She added.

“That makes sense mom.” Perceived Wendy leaving her chair. “And we had better be on our way.” She added.
“Yes do get going”. Agreed her mother. “Mr Xuma should be at the pick up spot any minute and you will not want to keep him waiting”. She advised. “No mom” Said the twins as they reached for their bibles and note books and afterwards took off.

A couple of hours later, Wendy and Susan, her friend and sister in Christ, had  come together to retry their Mathematics homework at Wendy’s and sat around the kitchen table with their books spread before them.

“You know Wendy.” Started out Susan. “As Mr Moody taught at Sunday school this morning, I could not help it but be reminded of the milk issue you told me of this morning on our way to Sunday school.” She went on. “How he pointed out that we are not to be troubled about anything but that we should make all our concerns known to God through Christ.” Susan further explained. “I then figured that the milk issue can by no means be an exception. But that it should in like manner be taken before God.” She concluded.

“That is indeed a plausible application of Mr Moody’s lesson, Susan.” Agreed Wendy. “And I can not think of a better time to take this concern before the throne of God than now.” She added. “I agree to that as well, Wendy” Said Susan.

Presently, they got off their chairs, took to their knees and sought to implore God’s mercies over the milk threat as best as they had been taught of prayer at Sunday school. Praying all in Christ Jesus’ name. And then left all to God – to decide what he would make of the situation. And reckoned theirs was then to await God’s possible salvation. And that the best way to start off the wait was to return to their Mathematics homework.

Yes, God’s will does have to be given precedence as often as necessary. However failure to pray about our needs also amount to a sin of omission. Dear God have mercy!

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