Story theme: Another short story originally meant for the once purposed animation series titled “The Hamlet”. And sought to explicitly pronounce the practicality of God’s answer to prayer of even the Sunday school folks where there is faith and sincerity. As well as communicate that God’s benevolence to men qualifies these  petition types.

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One Friday afternoon, George and his mother, Mrs Zuma headed out to their local shopping complex for to buy a bag of breakfast porridge amongst a couple of other few groceries their often tight budget could afford. As usual, George window-shopped for all the fun things he could set his eyes upon as they walked up and down the shops’ isles. Yes he and his twin sister Wendy had both long learned that they could not randomly demand just about anything they find sold at the shops. On account of both family affordability and the fact that it was ever godly virtuous to be expended on something that was needed and not on just everything that can be afforded.

Notwithstanding, George’s attention was soon caught up by a fluffy, brown stuffed monkey that was displayed by one of the shop’s window. After a very funful play and cuddles with his friend Max’s favorite stuffed rabbit the other day, George could not help it but wished that he had a stuffed animal himself. While he forgot all about the same desire when he got home from Max’s, he was  then having occasion to be reminded about the same as he stood stirring through the shop’s window .

While he knew that chances weren’t much, he thought he might try his mother – if by any means he could be able to take the plush monkey home. In spite his tearful pleas for the same, His mother heartily regretted that they could not afford both the monkey as well as all necessary groceries on their list. She however spoke hopeful to him –  advising that if he would explicitly let God know about his wish through prayer, that God might just be happy to grant him the stuffed monkey he desired. George assured his mother that he understood and promised to so pray.

They soon finished shopping and set out for home. Upon arriving, George made for his room at once. Took to his knees by his bed and began to petition God regarding the stuffed monkey he had desired. And when he was sure that he had made his wish clearly known to his heavenly Father, he prayed all in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, said his amen and cheerfully left off.

The following Saturday morning, Mrs Fallon, a member of the same church they fellowship in, drove by and remarked on that she was heading to the shopping complex for to pickup a few items herself. And wondered if she could bring them anything – being fully aware of their needy situation. Mrs Zuma advised that they thankfully still had all that they needed. But that if she had the liberty to say, that she might mention this one stuffed monkey that her son George so wished to own but could not be afforded on their last visit to the complex. Mrs Fallon was only happy to promise to bring it with her. Assuredly gathering that doing so will result in not one but two God-thankful hearts. When Mrs Zuma had described both the store and the plush monkey, Mrs Fallon drove off.

Two hours later, George was filled with profound joy and gratitude as he received the same monkey he had desired on his bare hands. Grateful above all to God who had been evidently pleased to grant him his prayer petition!